How to Name Your Google Business Profile for Success

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We’ve made it our business to help others create powerful online strategies that help their online presence take off and their businesses grow. One of the key pillars of what we do is creating and maintaining an optimized Google Business Profile (GBP).

If you’re curious why a fully optimized GBP is important, check out our blog post here. More than 97% of people find out about local businesses on the internet. A well-optimized profile will increase your visibility, credibility, and customer engagement when people are searching online.

One of the important aspects of optimizing your GBP is choosing a suitable name that reflects your business and helps you rank higher on Google. In this post, we’ll share best practices for naming your GBP, as well as a few examples.

Why Your Google Business Profile Name Matters

Your Google Business Profile name is one of the first things someone sees when they search for your business or related keywords. It also influences how Google ranks your business in the local pack and organic search results. Having a clear and accurate name can help you:

  • Attract more clicks and visits to your profile and business
  • Build trust and reputation with your customers
  • Avoid confusion and duplication with other businesses
  • Comply with Google’s guidelines and avoid issues

How to Choose the Appropriate Profile Name

According to Google’s guidelines, your name should “reflect your business’s real-world name, as used consistently on your storefront, website, stationery, and as known to customers.” It’s also important to avoid adding unnecessary or misleading information that is not part of your official business name.

At an initial glance, this seems pretty simple. But as we all know; things are often not quite as simple as they seem. As you set up your GBP, you may realize your business has nuances that may or may not need to be included in your profile name.

For example, you have multiple locations or branches for your business. In this case, each office or branch should have its own Google Business Profile. But how do you differentiate them from one another? Do you include the location in the name?

Or maybe you have a well-known tagline that goes along with your business name, such as “Rice Krispies: Snap! Crackle! Pop!” Do you include that in your profile’s name?

A Few Guidelines for Your Google Business Profile Name

Based on Google’s rules here are guidelines on how to address some of the more common questions you may have when setting up your profile name.

  • Marketing Taglines: While a tagline or slogan may be an important part of your company’s identity, it should not be included in your profile name. For example, GNC Live Well wouldn’t be acceptable, you’d only put GNC.
  • Trademarks and Registered Signs: Again, your initial thought may be to include these symbols because they signify your brand name is protected. However, for your GBP, these do not need to be included.
  • Capitalization: Google does not want your profile name to be in all caps. The only exception is the word, REALTOR, which they do allow. But as noted above, if you’re using the word REALTOR, don’t include the ® symbol.
  • Business Operation Details: Information like your phone number, URL, hours, etc., should not be included in your GBP name. You will include details like this in other sections of your profile.
  • Location Information: The general rule of thumb is to not include location information. However, if your business has multiple locations in separate cities, you can add the city to your profile name. But don’t include additional attributes such as street names, numbers or extra words. For example, you could put Holiday Inn Salem or Equinox SOHO. But you wouldn’t put Holiday Inn (I-93 Exit 2) or Equinox near SOHO.
  • Special Characters or Legal Terms: If you’ve been reading through the above, you may have already guessed the answer to this one. Google does not want you to include special characters or unnecessary legal terms like LLC in your profile name.
  • Professional Titles and Degrees: If you run a business that Google classifies as an individual practitioner – public-facing professionals such as doctors, lawyers, or real estate agents – you can include your title or degree certification in your profile name (for example Dr., MD, JD, Esq., CFA).


Shakespeare once wrote, “What’s in a name.” After reading through the above, you may realize, there’s a lot in a name when it comes to your GBP. Thankfully, you don’t have to figure it all out on your own. If you want to learn more, reach out to us for a free 30-minute session on effectively optimizing your Google Business Profile.

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